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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Willie Playmore Band 4-18-14

Willie Playmore Band performed live at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY on 4-18-14 from 9p-1a, rocking the house with classic rock covers they have down to perfection. I filmed 13 videos total in 1080i HD, clicking the video below will start the playlist, newest to oldest, of all videos I've done of the band.

Butt wiggling fun ;-) on Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion cover, shown above.
Willie Playmore Band members: Curt Cleveland, Tim Ellifritz, Dick Hornick and James Martin. Check out their website for more info on the band booking, at:
Photos to come, taken with Galaxy Note 3. Still editing those...
Filmed in 1080i HD by Gina Jordan

Saturday, April 12, 2014

12 Oz All Stars 4-11-14

[Photo of Cosmic Jackson]

The 12 Oz All Stars are the former Cosmic Jackson band minus Chris Schemp who is replaced on lead guitar by regular bassist Brian Mull and adding Tom Ryzuk as the new bass guitar player, with Greg singing lead and Andrew drumming. I believe this may have been their 1st show since forming, so I only filmed a few videos on this occasion. A couple of the videos were dark, so forgive me adding the thermal effect to those ;-)

Live performance music videos from Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY, on April 11, 2014 from approx. 9p-1a.

Below is Stevie Wonder's Superstitious cover:

Following is the playlist of the 5 videos I did last night of the new formation 12 Oz All Stars (formerly Cosmic Jackson), at Panther Mountain Inn in Chestertown, NY.

Filmed in 1080i HD by Gina Jordan, all rights reserved.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Collette & the Mudcats LIVE 3-21-14

I've filmed many amazing shows since I last posted an update, but somehow never got to posting them here. Spank me, I deserve it, I know. Today I've got some blues done right, originals and covers by one of my top fave local bands, with a playlist at the bottom and a sample video here:

Joe McDowell & friends with guest guitarist Jim Dower (?) are the same band without Collette singing, with the addition of a fantastic new guitarist jamming just this night (so many guest musicians sat in this night, including 2 drummers and a conga player) and get their own billing. Joe on harmonica was killer this evening, I'm so glad I didn't miss this show. Lucky for you, I happened to capture some of their greatness on video:

Collette & the Mudcats, McDowell and Friends included, playlist from 3-21-14 show at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY 9p-1a, with the newest show videos (& their own original song & music video for Carolina) up top followed by previous performances below. 

That's all for this update, however I promise to post regularly again after each show, as I always did before. So stay tuned ;-) Thanks & enjoy!

Filmed in 1080i HD & written by Gina Jordan, copyrighted 3-21-14

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lessons from a House on Fire

My friend Chris' house burned down at 11:50a today, he was home & his stove pipe which had just been repaired the night before, caught on fire & he tried to fight it himself during the TWENTY minutes it took for firetruck to get there! He lived on the Hudson River in Riparius, about 4 miles from me. 

He's ok but his 6 cats are running wild, he only found one [UPDATE: All were found & safely adopted out]. They are outdoor cats so even if I could take one or two, they would be miserable (I won't let cats out) & mine would be defenseless against them as Romeo is declawed & does not have the shots for contact with other animals or outdoor illnesses. The only no kill shelter I know of can't take them all & again, being outdoor cats would be misery to be caged most of the time in shelter. One is a purebred Bengal. No idea what to do, the cats are used to being on their own but they love human attention & indoor warmth too.

Anyway, Kevin came over to clean my car off & Chris showed up & pitched in, killing me with kindness, a guy that just lost everything & still in shock, helping me. He showed me a picture of the house, the firemen actually caused 90% more damage & totaled the house, than the fire itself did (started on second floor). He used up 2 fire extinguishers & water waiting for them (20 minutes!). I heard the alarm here when rescue trucks went out there. [Pic below is not from his house but is from the net].

So many lessons can be learned from this. Check that your fire extinguishers are up to date & enough to counter a blaze, including one made for electronic equipment such as computers and stereo's. Make sure life & house insurance are in effect (his was NOT!). Cleaning creosote every season is a MUST-no spending money on other things 1st. Finding ways to keep busy & surrounded with friends during such a nightmare situation. Learning to accept help from others. 

What other lessons can be learned from this, for yourself or others?

When I was 8 my entire house burned down days before Xmas while we were out of state. We came home to nothing but ashes literally, sifting through for teeny sections of photographs; nothing else, including all the gifts under tree, was left & our large family was split up all over US because no one could take us all in together. 

When I was 12 my mom set her bed on fire passed out drunk smoking a cig & I was in an attic bedroom, everyone else on ground floor. That saved their lives, the smoke woke me & I was able to get them out of the burning bed & save most of the house too. I'm extremely conscious of fire, cigs (others & mine), smoke, etc, but Kevin considers it paranoid. Not when you survive it twice, it's not, and it's not something I think about because I have ingrained safety habits learned from those experiences, but when others are careless with cigs or hot ashes, I speak up & go on alert. Wouldn't you? Oh & I never smoke in bed. 

Sad time of year to see a friend going through this & it's the 1st time in decades I've remembered my own xmas season fire losses. Guess being so up close & personal brought back the emotions of that Xmas fire at 8 years old. Good to remember & be grateful.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lynne's Birthday Bash with Live Bands 11-29-13

Last Friday night, 11-29-13, Lynne celebrated her birthday with a private house party & hired Willie Playmore Band to rock the house down from about 8p-12:30a. Members of Flipside (all but Frank) also joined in for much of a set. I've just finished uploading all the videos, editing & sharing. This is my final step in the process, sharing here. Usually I have this full review, but this time I wanted to get these out there first.

I'll add more details this week, but for now, enjoy the live music videos :)

Thanks for the great time Lynne! Playlist of videos below pics....

Flipside Band:

Willie Playmore & Flipside Bands Live 11-29-13 (playlist)

By Gina Jordan, 11-29-13, all rights reserved.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Flipside LIVE on 11-22-13 at P-House

I'm still editing the videos from Friday 11-22-13 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY but wanted to share Flipside's original song Rest In Peace immediately. I'll add playlist and pics tomorrow. :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chuck Kelsey LIVE 10-11-13

On Oct. 11, 2013 Chuck Kelsey performed a live solo acoustic performance at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY from 8:30p to 12:30a. Using a loop pedal he was able to add elements to his show without using prerecorded elements, making this one acoustic performance I highly enjoyed. 

Below is an original song Chuck performed live, off his CD Remember The Shadows.

Chuck Kelsey's CD:

For more info, to buy his CD & for booking, check his other sites at:

Playlist below of 5 videos from the show:

Filmed in 1080i HD by Gina Jordan

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Willie Playmore Band 10-4-13 P-House

Willie Playmore Band performed live at Panther Mountain Inn Pub, Chestertown, NY on Oct. 4, 2013 from 8p-12a. They were on fire, out in the crowd dancing with their guitars and creating a great time for all. 

For more info on the band, see their website at:

Beautiful acoustic performance video below, with Jamie playing lead guitar, which I'd never seen them do before.

Playlist with 5 new videos filmed 10-4-13:

Filmed by Gina Jordan, 10-4-13 in 1080i HD.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Erratic Disturbance 9-20-13

Erratic Disturbance performed a blend of classic rock covers and original music at the Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY on Sept. 20, 2013, from 9p-1a. 

For more info on the band and booking, see their Facebook page at:

Below is the Playlist of the 5 videos I did of the band Erratic Disturbance that played live at Panther Mountain Inn last night, Sept. 20, 2013, from 9p-1a. Enjoy, Gina.

Playlist of the 5 videos I did of the band Erratic Disturbance that played live at Panther Mountain Inn last night from 9p-1a. Enjoy, Gina.

Filmed by Gina Jordan, 9-20-13.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alan Vecchio 9-6-13 P-House

On Friday Sept. 6, 2013 Alan Vecchio performed a live solo acoustic show at the Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY from 9p-1a, with a custom graphite guitar and a plucky talent. 

Playlist of all 4 videos from Friday night's show with Alan Vecchio at Panther Mountain Inn

One of the Blues songs I really loved:

Car Show video & burnouts from earlier the same night:

Filmed & uploaded by Gina Jordan, 9-3-13.