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Sunday, June 28, 2015

War on Drugs = Bullshit!

Youtube documentary trailer for 
The House I Live In

The BEST doc on the truths about US drug was I've ever seen, on netflix streaming. This film talks about the money making behind the politics; how the drug war can be considered slow Nazi policy on the poor & the racial profiling used with each new drug "scare" tactic that has zero truth or science behind their claims. Prisons & corporations depend on the drug was to stay in business!

Then the life sentences & mandatory sentencing for victimless crimes! _Murderers & rapists are out decades before someone caught with a mere joint. How fucked up a system is that?

In fact police are rewarded & paid more for catching drug users than they are for murderers or violent criminals!!! The science is out there to prove this, Police & prison guards freely admit it, & many are sick of a never ending daily repeat with zero chance for rehabilitation, re-entry into society (ex cons can't get jobs, live near their families, vote or ever become a citizen again). Is it any wonder with the drug war funded & politically justified mili

#drugear #nazi #classwars #uspolitics #wtff

Friday, March 6, 2015

AWOL Gina for now...

Truth is, wish I were there, too. I've been missing quite a few of you (yes you know who you are!), but hope to do some catch up this weekend since I'll be missing all the St. Patrick's day events, band & party, I'll be be bummed with no green beer & Panther Mountain Inn bling.

I still have the FatDog Southern Tendencies blog to do but life make a joke of those plans for right now.

I've been laid up with broken ankle/foot since last weekend, out of town seeing docs & on the phones fighting for the smallest bits of help all week & no one coming by to assist so far. So finally a girlfriend is coming up from GFs today with surprise fave foods, will do my errands & just be a laugh a minute to be around, I soooo need that & her.

More later this evening & weekend.  Monday I see ortho & can't wait, tho I'm pretty sure he'll make me get my chest & arm x-rayed too (but not if I don't show him?! Heh heh).

Sumatran coffee has to be the best ever, part of me wants to gulp it all down & part just wants to sip & slide it over my taste buds. Yummmm!  Good morning ;)

Friday, February 6, 2015

North Country Hardship Fund's 4th AnnualCabin Fever Party 1-31-15

All the news, videos, bands, videos, links and playlist in one place at Adirondacks Music blog! Finally!

What a party! 3 live bands playing multiple sets each all night long from 8p-1a on January 31, 2014 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY who hosted the benefit. The $5 cover charge was well worth supporting this local charity, not to mention all the entertainment, and door prizes galore (of which I didn't win any, not even the Harley paper bag I coveted, lol)

The 3 featured bands were Collette & the Mudcats, Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band and a new group, the 1979 Band, all of whom were incredible! Following is a featured video from each band, band photos, band links and more! At the very bottom of this page is the playlist of all the videos from the show, over 25 or so total!

Let's start with the familiar favorite Collette and the Mudcats, who can do Robert Johnson like no one's business and belt out their own originals that rock and roll you, of whom I did not get a photo that night, but below is a gif I made from a previous show. They play mostly blues faves as well as their own original music which has been released on an EP CD already. You can find more info and booking at their website: 

Let's feature one of their blues original songs, What Have I Done, something we can ALL relate to, right?

Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band were also new to me, but luckily I did get plenty of photos (and videos of ALL the bands of course) of them. However they do not have a website & I have no contact info for them at this time, sorry.

[Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band]

And for the featured Larry Mar & the 11th Hour video, let's try this classic 70's song by Spirit:

And last but far from least, we have the newly formed 1979 Band, and I must say I was a bit mesmerized by their guitar player Jim Dower (more photos of him and his guitar below these), Joe McDowwell from Collette and the Mudcats played bass and I can't remember the drummer's name (poor guy, he deserves a serious mention because I've never heard someone make a 4 drum kit sound like Led Zeppelin's Bonham was on those skins!). This band is awesome, an understatement actually, you'll have to see them to believe it, and I'll post a few videos below so you'll know just what I mean. If you get a change to see them, GO! This band can be reached on their website (and it links to the Facebook page as well) at:

[Collage of mostly Jim Dower on his guitar & the 1979 Band & Larry Mar Band]

Now, Jim Dower will probably turn a bit purple with shyness, but I had a kind of fixation on him and his guitar ever since the 1st time I saw him sit in with another band months ago. Well, now he's playing lead guitar in his own band, and I'm sorry to say, instead of getting the entire 1979 Band in photos, I somehow kept gravitating back to the face averted shy Dower, maybe next time when I see the band for an entire evening, I'll be able to include a photo of the full band? Guess I have a thing for guitars, drummers, shoot, I just have a thing for good music, and I can't help myself, get over it ;-)

For an brand new formed band, these guys are tight as hell! One of my favorite covers of the night by 1979 Band blew me away at how exquisitely & spot on were the musicianship of this featured video, but please check out their Cream song (which heads the playlist at bottom), it is OMFG unbelievably magnificent too:

And lastly, the playlist of ALL the videos from the show, in no order, except I must confess my favorites kind of lead the list, so they are in no order as far as band names. Enjoy and please share with your music loving family and friends!

All of the above content (except 1979 band logo) from photos, gifs and videos were created by Gina Jordan on 1-31-15, all rights reserved. Please ask for permission to re-use any parts of my blog via 
Thanks :-D

Friday, January 30, 2015

Harley Museum & Gina Adirondacks Videos 1-28-15

[Happy Humpday from Hog Heaven at Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon 1-27-15]

[Photo of Gina 1-27-15 Selfy]

Since I didn't film any music last weekend, and all of Dec. pretty much, I thought I'd share some other Adirondack area wonders with you. 

[Old building and tree that caught my eye 1-27-15]

Below is a playlist of all the local area non-music videos I've made over the last 2 months (most yesterday) covering everything from a gazillion (so it seemed) deer just sitting still and staring at me, to farm animals (horses, roosters, lazy bulls and curious hogs), winter storms Damon & Juno, to local tourist and biker Harley Museum in Minerva Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon, to finally crossing one of the items off my bucket list, shooting a guy, albeit a PINK .22 long rifle, not the pistol I was expecting, lol. 

[Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum]

Some of my unintentional commentary is hilarious so I left it in, hoping you'll get as many laughs as I did. From moments of hilarity to standing in wonder and awe, to freezing in the zero temps and driving through whiteout snow, I believe you will truly enjoy this playlist over any other I've shared so far, but maybe I'm wrong? Music is why we are here usually, but who says we can't go off the beaten path, and boy did I do that yesterday...

Playlist of all the videos here:

Below is the gun shooting hilarity video:

Just a sample of one the cute deer standing all over the woods in Minerva & Olmstedville NY Weds. For the rest of the wildlife videos, see the playlist above:

Lastly one of the videos from Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon showing off all the antique Harley Davidson Motorcycles that Hell's Angels would have ridden among others.

As you can imagine, I can't wait to go back with fruit for all the animals & get them eating out of my hand, shoot a 7mm next time and finish off with a nice dark ale at Sporty's, located at 1723 Rt. 28N, Minerva, NY 12851, phone: 518-251-5260. :)
Everything here created and copyrighted by Gina Jordan 1-28-15.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flipside Live 1-16-15 at P-House

[Image taken 1-16-15 by Gina Jordan]

Flipside performed live at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY from 9p to after 1a, a full band playing original and cover songs, classic & heavy metal, punk and grunge rock. 

[Image taken 1-16-15 by Gina Jordan]

One of my faves of the night with everyone in the crowd singing along:

Members: Bill Warner - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Bill Yates - Drums/Vocals, Mark Davidson - Keyboard/Vocals, Tom Ellifritz - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Frank Huchro - Bass

Bio: We've under gone some major changes since we have reorganized. We are excited to introduce our new Lead Singer and Guitarist, Tom Ellifritz and Bass player, Frank Huchro. Tom and Frank bring a new enthusiasm and freshness to our music. So get ready to Rock-n-Roll with Flipside!!!

Band Links:

Playlist from the 1-16-15 live show:

Filmed & uploaded in 720p & 1080i HD by Gina Jordan, all rights reserved, contact for permission to re-use. Thanks!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Grizzly Band LIVE Show at P-House 1-9-15

Acoustic duo Grizzly live at Panther Mountain Inn in Chestertown, NY last night, 1-9-15, from 9p-1a. From C&W hits to southern & classic rock, their harmonies were incredible. 

[Last night at P-House, by Gina Jordan]

Unfortunately I missed all the guest players and vocalists (I was looking forward to hearing Jen Gadway harmonize with all that testosterone) when my spare batteries died, but I at least got one video with Archie Anderson on guest lead guitar in the jam video below.

Grizzly is a duo comprised of longtime friends Zachary Smith and Matthew Magee. Grizzly is based In the Lake George region of the Adirondack Mountains.

Grizzly on Facebook:

Below is MY personal fave from the videos I recorded last night, a song called Lemon Drop (I believe?) and it sounds like an original, since nothing turned up on my search for lyrics. Stunningly beautiful song, who could not fall in love with this one?

Playlist of all show videos from last night:

Filmed in 1080i HD by Gina Jordan

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Collette & Playmore Jam Night at P-House 11-21-14

[Photos by Gina Jordan 11-21-14]

Collette & the Mudcats with Willie Playmore Band at P-House 11-21-14

I truly was not planning to go out until I called & found out 2 of my local fave bands were somehow performing together on Friday Nov. 21, 2014, so I had to try & capture some of this jam on video. 

Collette and the Mudcats (without a couple members) along with Willie Playmore Band (without 2 of their guitarists) performed live from 9p to 1a at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY, a playlist of mostly classic rock, some blues and a tiny bit of C&W or southern rock, depending on your tastes.

In the video below, Collette Blessing seems to be channeling Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac in her cover of Gold Dust Woman:

And besides my camcorder, I used my mobile to get this little 30 seconds blues awesome snippet of Curt Cleveland on lead guitar:

I stayed through their second set, hoping to hear Cheap Sunglasses, but they probably played it later. One of my fave songs of the night I for some reason didn't film, All Right Now by Free, which they did a long jam of that was excellent and gave me goosebumps. I hate to start filming in the middle of a song but should have made an exception I guess, kind of regret not doing that now.

There was a guest guitar player and singer during their second set, but I was outside and didn't get any video of him, though he did a really rocking CCR cover and some Tom Petty before handing things back over to Collette.

I always love to be around spontaneous jam sessions, when everyone is unsure of what will be played, who knows what songs, and ANY thing can happen, that kind of creative energy is rare; to be a part of it even rarer. I had went expecting to hear a mix with more blues on the Collette side of things, and more hard rock on the Playmore side, and mixed together something like Led Zeppelin perhaps, lol. Instead it was a classic rock celebration, my fave music genre.

For more info on the bands, see their websites below:

Willie Playmore Band

Collette & the Mudcats

Venue -

Below are some gifs I created during the show:

I really love Willie Playmore Band's LED light system, and the dancing lights on this pole charmed me so much I created a gif of it (the servo spotlights in the top third center of pole):

All materials (video, images, text, etc) above created by Gina Jordan 11-21-14, all rights reserved. Contact for permission to re-use, thanks.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fade To Blues At P-House 10-24-14

Fade To Blues performed their live blues show at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY on Oct. 24, 2014 from 9p to 1a. Believe it or not, this was their 1st song of the night and one of my all time fave blues songs ever, so I'm glad I was able to film this to share here. What an experience, live blues is sometimes so hard to find up here in the boonies. 

[Photo taken by Gina Jordan at show 10-24-14]

Fade to Blues had Hank (far left) subbing on that night for their regular guitar player, and Hank rocked that old style guitar, with such a sweet sound & a shiny chrome finish to his axe.

These guys are down to earth & very very talented, specializing in Texas blues. They perform Stevie Ray Vaughan like I've never heard before. Check them out if you get the chance! For more info and booking, see their band link below:

I only got a few videos that night as I'd been sick with the flu for several weeks & ended up home early. I'll be out next week, and I'm finally over the flu this weekend, just in time for the show on Halloween for the costume party. Join me :-)

More photos from the show below:

Playlist of all 2014 show videos so far embedded below:

Photographed, & Filmed in 1080i HD, by Gina Jordan on 10-24-14.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Collette & the Mudcats 8-20-14

Collette & the Mudcats live at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY on 8-29-14, with new drummer Kevin Morrison, fantastic live blues originals and covers as well as some classic & blues rock, always a fun & rocking time!

For more info on the band see their website below:

One of my favorite classic blues songs they covered was this Robert Johnson incredible jam.

[Band with new drummer Kevin Morrison; 
Photo taken with Nikon Coolpix L105 by Gina Jordan, 8-29-14]

Below is the playlist of the videos from Friday night at the Panther Mountain InnChestertown, NY with Collette and The Mudcats on 8-29-14. What a fantastic show! Since I've filmed them several times before, I only filmed relatively new titles this time (songs I have not filmed by them before, not necessarily new songs). The playlist starts with the newest show videos and in descending order to oldest show. Enjoy & share your love of blues originals and covers by an incredible local band here in upstate NY.

Filmed in 1080i HD (with 2 in 720p HD, testing Nikon Coolpix L105) by Gina Jordan, all rights reserved, 8-29-14.