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Friday, February 6, 2015

North Country Hardship Fund's 4th AnnualCabin Fever Party 1-31-15

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What a party! 3 live bands playing multiple sets each all night long from 8p-1a on January 31, 2014 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY who hosted the benefit. The $5 cover charge was well worth supporting this local charity, not to mention all the entertainment, and door prizes galore (of which I didn't win any, not even the Harley paper bag I coveted, lol)

The 3 featured bands were Collette & the Mudcats, Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band and a new group, the 1979 Band, all of whom were incredible! Following is a featured video from each band, band photos, band links and more! At the very bottom of this page is the playlist of all the videos from the show, over 25 or so total!

Let's start with the familiar favorite Collette and the Mudcats, who can do Robert Johnson like no one's business and belt out their own originals that rock and roll you, of whom I did not get a photo that night, but below is a gif I made from a previous show. They play mostly blues faves as well as their own original music which has been released on an EP CD already. You can find more info and booking at their website: 

Let's feature one of their blues original songs, What Have I Done, something we can ALL relate to, right?

Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band were also new to me, but luckily I did get plenty of photos (and videos of ALL the bands of course) of them. However they do not have a website & I have no contact info for them at this time, sorry.

[Larry Mar & the 11th Hour Band]

And for the featured Larry Mar & the 11th Hour video, let's try this classic 70's song by Spirit:

And last but far from least, we have the newly formed 1979 Band, and I must say I was a bit mesmerized by their guitar player Jim Dower (more photos of him and his guitar below these), Joe McDowwell from Collette and the Mudcats played bass and I can't remember the drummer's name (poor guy, he deserves a serious mention because I've never heard someone make a 4 drum kit sound like Led Zeppelin's Bonham was on those skins!). This band is awesome, an understatement actually, you'll have to see them to believe it, and I'll post a few videos below so you'll know just what I mean. If you get a change to see them, GO! This band can be reached on their website (and it links to the Facebook page as well) at:

[Collage of mostly Jim Dower on his guitar & the 1979 Band & Larry Mar Band]

Now, Jim Dower will probably turn a bit purple with shyness, but I had a kind of fixation on him and his guitar ever since the 1st time I saw him sit in with another band months ago. Well, now he's playing lead guitar in his own band, and I'm sorry to say, instead of getting the entire 1979 Band in photos, I somehow kept gravitating back to the face averted shy Dower, maybe next time when I see the band for an entire evening, I'll be able to include a photo of the full band? Guess I have a thing for guitars, drummers, shoot, I just have a thing for good music, and I can't help myself, get over it ;-)

For an brand new formed band, these guys are tight as hell! One of my favorite covers of the night by 1979 Band blew me away at how exquisitely & spot on were the musicianship of this featured video, but please check out their Cream song (which heads the playlist at bottom), it is OMFG unbelievably magnificent too:

And lastly, the playlist of ALL the videos from the show, in no order, except I must confess my favorites kind of lead the list, so they are in no order as far as band names. Enjoy and please share with your music loving family and friends!

All of the above content (except 1979 band logo) from photos, gifs and videos were created by Gina Jordan on 1-31-15, all rights reserved. Please ask for permission to re-use any parts of my blog via 
Thanks :-D