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Friday, January 30, 2015

Harley Museum & Gina Adirondacks Videos 1-28-15

[Happy Humpday from Hog Heaven at Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon 1-27-15]

[Photo of Gina 1-27-15 Selfy]

Since I didn't film any music last weekend, and all of Dec. pretty much, I thought I'd share some other Adirondack area wonders with you. 

[Old building and tree that caught my eye 1-27-15]

Below is a playlist of all the local area non-music videos I've made over the last 2 months (most yesterday) covering everything from a gazillion (so it seemed) deer just sitting still and staring at me, to farm animals (horses, roosters, lazy bulls and curious hogs), winter storms Damon & Juno, to local tourist and biker Harley Museum in Minerva Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon, to finally crossing one of the items off my bucket list, shooting a guy, albeit a PINK .22 long rifle, not the pistol I was expecting, lol. 

[Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum]

Some of my unintentional commentary is hilarious so I left it in, hoping you'll get as many laughs as I did. From moments of hilarity to standing in wonder and awe, to freezing in the zero temps and driving through whiteout snow, I believe you will truly enjoy this playlist over any other I've shared so far, but maybe I'm wrong? Music is why we are here usually, but who says we can't go off the beaten path, and boy did I do that yesterday...

Playlist of all the videos here:

Below is the gun shooting hilarity video:

Just a sample of one the cute deer standing all over the woods in Minerva & Olmstedville NY Weds. For the rest of the wildlife videos, see the playlist above:

Lastly one of the videos from Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon showing off all the antique Harley Davidson Motorcycles that Hell's Angels would have ridden among others.

As you can imagine, I can't wait to go back with fruit for all the animals & get them eating out of my hand, shoot a 7mm next time and finish off with a nice dark ale at Sporty's, located at 1723 Rt. 28N, Minerva, NY 12851, phone: 518-251-5260. :)
Everything here created and copyrighted by Gina Jordan 1-28-15.