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Monday, August 3, 2015

Boycott Animal Cruelty

Since I haven't been able to film much music or events, I'm filming storms & seeing docs plus physical therapy twice a week. So that's where I heard from someone who was there & did some research to find this horrible news was true.

Saratoga Springs Raceway tried to keep this news quiet & out of the press, I'm glad they failed. Since I couldn't find a usable photo from this event I used one from Seattle last year. If you do a search though, you'll see enough to ruin your dinner at the very least.

3 dead at Saratoga Springs NY race track this opening day. Please boycott animal cruelty like this. I've never attended a race & avoid Saratoga Springs like the plague every August during racing season. Also verified in Albany Time newspapers & by the crowd who were forced to watch this entire event go down, that would traumatized me to see an animal killed because it hurt it's leg, this ain't the old west 1700's.

What's the difference between horseracing & dog or chicken fighting? In all cases the animal has no choice & is murdered the minute they stop making the owner money or the animal gets hurt. Why is one accepted & the others not? Same goes for dog racing. Hey here's an idea, let's harness PEOPLE & race them!

After reading the following link, what do YOU think?