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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Americade Bikers, band Sons of Octomom & Bass Diva at P-House 5-7-13

I wasn't going to film on Friday night, in fact, wasn't even going to go see the show. BUT a couple friends begged me to go, and I rarely leave without a camcorder because I don't want to miss something rare. So Friday June 7, 2013, The Sons of Octomom band played at Panther Mountain Inn here in Chestertown, NY from about 8p-12:20a, and man am I glad I went! The lighting was great for these videos, twelve in all, not counting the funny t-shirt video.

Sons of Octomom band consists of Eric Peter on lead vocals and acoustic lead guitar, his 19 year old son Tyler Peter on drums (no nepotism here, he is just one of the most phenomenal drummers I've ever seen), and Jeff Belding on bass guitar. 

Eric Peter, leader of Sons of Octomom and numerous other bands.

On this rare evening, Michelle "Bass Diva" Howland performed 2 songs with the band, Some Kind of Wonderful as lead singer and bass guitarist while Jeff took a break, and another, Proud Mary, as backup vocals, and she nailed it! The crowd went wild for her as usual, not that Jeff isn't a favorite bass player as well, his energy cranks up the crowd, not to mention his talent on those strings. 

Here's one of my favorite songs of the night, by a band I hadn't heard of before and now need to explore much more of, Camel Walk by Southern Culture on the Skids.

Since this past week was the annual event in Lake George, NY for Americade, there were plenty of bikers enjoying the show and a break from the rain, the parking lot packed with gorgeous motorcycles, which I was forced to take a couple photos of this wicked ape-hanger custom that glittered like diamonds even though it was pitch black dark out. 

Too bad the Sanyo GH4 camcorder isn't ideal for photography, but the pics below should still give you an idea of the awesomeness of the bike.

There were a group from Westchester County, NY I had a drink with before leaving, and this cool older dude had the best t-shirt of them all in the bar that night. While trying to take a pic of the shirt, I pressed the video button and ended up with a short video of the shirt too (See the playlist for that video along with the other 12 of the band, at bottom of this page). 
OLD GUYS RULE, yes, they do! ;-)

And finally, the playlist of videos from the show, starting with Tyler Peter on drums doing a Buddy Holly cover, Not Fade Away:

The band Sons of Octomom cover rockabilly, surfer music and folk, with a few surprises thrown in from classic rock and reggae, this is a group not to be missed. Check them out fully at 
or on FB at:
Drummer Tyler Peter is on FB:
And Jeff Belding is at:

Filmed by Gina Jordan, 5-7-13, all rights reserved.