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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Master Cylinders 4-12-13 at P-House

Master Cylinders performed live on 4-12-13 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY from 9p to 1a to a packed house and a full dance floor all night long. Playing long sets of 2.5 hours, break, then finishing the last 90 minutes, this is one hard working and continuous rocking band the likes of which I've yet to see on the local circuit until now.

My Fave of the night, Led Zeppelin:

Jimmy Wilcox is the former drummer from Blue Oyster Cult and pounded the drums expertly. 

All the band members are at the top of their game, tight and extremely talented. Playing all cover songs with a wide variety of decades top hits, with no original songs as of yet, their music keeps the dance floor hot all night (as my videos will show). 

Band members are:

Jimmy Wilcox - Drums & Vocals,original member & MAIN CONTACT
Pat Cifone -Guitar,vocals, original member and very huggable
Hayden Sias - Slapping de bass, vocals, and an original member
Matt Donnelly- Keyboards & vocals

The lead guitar player, Pat Cifone, is magnificent both in guitar and vocals, he does a mean spot on Johnny Cash (which I didn't film). I truly enjoyed the bass thumping guitar solos of Hayden Sias, and his energy and playfulness throughout the night. Tickling the keys like a pro, Matt Donnelly definitely adds pizzazz with a range of sounds & effects, as well as keeping the crowd of dancers pumped up. I can't recommend this band highly enough, so if you ever get a chance to see them, don't pass it by.
For band info and booking, contact Jimmy Wilcox through the band's website at:

Check them out on FB at:

Playlist of videos from the live show 4-12-13:

Direct Link: 

Filmed, edited & uploaded by Gina Jordan, 4-12-13, all rights reserved. Please contact me at for permission to reuse my videos, thanks.

[Top 3 photos copyright owned by the band, bottom pic owned by me-click on photos to view full size]