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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Malta NY Always Stormy other Just Me

Everytime I go to PT in Malta NY,  a black cloud literally hangs over my head. These are from Tuesday July 27, 2015 but may as well have been today. They lost power a few minutes & had it back minutes before I arrived. Did get soaked in rains tho, no escaping those today!

Came home hobbl8ng, really overdid it, lidocaine & still waiting for ibuprofen to kick my backs ass. First time in days I've needed lidocaine during day or ibuprofen at all. All in the name of progress! Color of foot despite #crps never turned darker than deep red, no more black even in cold water whirlpool for foot! Still it's that heat wrap ending that usually cures me.

Why is it always looking like tornados about to hit when I'm there? Lol. BTW this is Capital Area PT & Wellness building shown.