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Sunday, June 28, 2015

War on Drugs = Bullshit!

Youtube documentary trailer for 
The House I Live In

The BEST doc on the truths about US drug was I've ever seen, on netflix streaming. This film talks about the money making behind the politics; how the drug war can be considered slow Nazi policy on the poor & the racial profiling used with each new drug "scare" tactic that has zero truth or science behind their claims. Prisons & corporations depend on the drug was to stay in business!

Then the life sentences & mandatory sentencing for victimless crimes! _Murderers & rapists are out decades before someone caught with a mere joint. How fucked up a system is that?

In fact police are rewarded & paid more for catching drug users than they are for murderers or violent criminals!!! The science is out there to prove this, Police & prison guards freely admit it, & many are sick of a never ending daily repeat with zero chance for rehabilitation, re-entry into society (ex cons can't get jobs, live near their families, vote or ever become a citizen again). Is it any wonder with the drug war funded & politically justified mili

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