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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Desperately Seeking Helpers

*Desperately Seeking Help!*
Yesterday I posted about needing to move & not finding the Helpers to load & unload nor all the funds needed. Those who have been my friends & followers know that I have a slum landlord & have a crippled right foot (RSD/CRPS) but in a 2nd floor apt. Since long distance friends are to far to offer physical help I thought I'd do the one thing that kills me to do. Ask for donations as big or small as you would give through my PayPal acct using my email: or by mail at PO Box 19, Chestertown, NY 12817 USA.

I've no idea if anyone will even read this but I hope some can find it in their hearts & wallets to help this once. I always hate asking for anything so this is hard (not to mention all the typing with brain issues happening too). I usually don't ask because I dislike being disappointed.  It's a lifelong learned thing since childhood, I know some can relate.

I've also been very depressed & rather than keep trying to type out what's stopped me from being here, I just don't & I'm very sorry about that. Anyway either I will get the help I need or end up homeless mid-winter, no wonder I'm freaking out depressed.

Thanks for hanging in there as my friends. I'm doing my best not to give up hope. Between docs & PT & 9/11 brain scan I have a ton to get ready. Am leaving a lot behind, downsizing.  I just can do what I can & if it's meant to happen, the help will be there when I need it, if it's meant to. Thanks! Please pass this on if you think it might help.

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