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Friday, March 6, 2015

AWOL Gina for now...

Truth is, wish I were there, too. I've been missing quite a few of you (yes you know who you are!), but hope to do some catch up this weekend since I'll be missing all the St. Patrick's day events, band & party, I'll be be bummed with no green beer & Panther Mountain Inn bling.

I still have the FatDog Southern Tendencies blog to do but life make a joke of those plans for right now.

I've been laid up with broken ankle/foot since last weekend, out of town seeing docs & on the phones fighting for the smallest bits of help all week & no one coming by to assist so far. So finally a girlfriend is coming up from GFs today with surprise fave foods, will do my errands & just be a laugh a minute to be around, I soooo need that & her.

More later this evening & weekend.  Monday I see ortho & can't wait, tho I'm pretty sure he'll make me get my chest & arm x-rayed too (but not if I don't show him?! Heh heh).

Sumatran coffee has to be the best ever, part of me wants to gulp it all down & part just wants to sip & slide it over my taste buds. Yummmm!  Good morning ;)