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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chestertown Events - Car Hop, Live Music & Toga Party 5-9-14

Spring seems to have sprung here in Chestertown, NY, with too many events to count this weekend, starting last night on May 9, 2014 with the 1st Car Hop of the season, live music at the Carol Theater to support the Adirondack Performing Arts Council (Steve Smith Band), Dylan Joseph playing at the car show and at Panther Mountain Pub (the P-House hosted most of these events), then on Saturday an ATV ride starting at 11am, a Toga Party this evening and live band Flipside playing at Panther Mountain Inn's pub. 

There is definitely not enough of me to go around but I captured many of the exciting moments to share. I'll be adding photos and videos as the weekend progresses, for now these are from last night. More to come :-)

[Marty with his trophy from last season]

Below is one of the most thrilling moments of the car show for me, thanks to Marty for making my evening with his burnouts and quarter mile run, by request.

Below are a few videos from the live music events of 5-9-14:

A new young local talent, Dylan Joseph is working even harder than me this weekend, playing live just about everywhere. 

Steven Smith band donated their performance to raise money for the Adirondack Performing Arts Council at the Carol Theater in Chestertown, NY, a free event accepting donations to bring more arts & events to our region of the southern Adirondacks. 

Much more to come as the weekend progresses. I'll be at the Toga Party tonight, but you won't see me in a sheet, not unless I get 3 sheets to the wind, lol. 

Filmed in 1080 HD by Gina Jordan, all rights reserved 5-9-14. Contact for permission to re-use content: