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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fade 2 Blues 6-13-14

Fade to Blues are normally a 3-piece band but on this night they had an awesome keyboard player friend of theirs, Skip Smaldone of Glens Falls NY, plus several guest musicians, singers and a few dancers & other silliness going on. Crowd pleasing music that had us singing along (yes even me, ==blush==) and the dance floor packed wall to wall most of the evening.

[The 3 regular members of Fade to Blues]

[Their awesome keyboard friend Chris I think is his name]

Unfortunately I had pulled my back out the night before their show, so I wasn't able to get my usual active angles, though I got plenty of close ups and unusual perspectives despite the pain, I just couldn't help myself, the music moved me so deeply I had to try and capture that energy to share with music lovers like me, who don't just listen, we FEEL the rhythm and share in the energy flowing.

This video below starts the 22 song playlist of Fade to Blues videos from 6-13-14.
Playing true West Texas blues, some of the best I've ever seen or heard, both covers and original music, the Fade to Blues band performed live on Friday June 13, 2014 at Panther Mountain Inn Pub in Chestertown, NY from 9p-1a, both a full moon and Friday the 13th, a rare night indeed.

I really loved the energy of these long blues jams, with some songs 13 minutes long and most over 5 minutes, incredible lead guitar solos and keyboard solos. There were even a few sexy men & women who danced for the camera, front and center! I know we'll be seeing a lot more of this band in the months to come, and I plan to re-film another of their shows ASAP. Maybe next time I'll be able to even dance & leave the camcorder on a tripod for once (just briefly, you know I'm a hand held gal all the way ;)

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Filmed in 1080i HD by Gina Jordan 6-13-14, all rights reserved.