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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fatdog, Bass Diva & Mr. Smith 3-29-13 at P-House

Fatdog, Bass Diva & Mr. Smith are an ensemble that hadn't performed together in this configuration in over 20 years, though they have played together in other combinations, never this one. The trio performed Friday March 29, 2013 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY, from 9p-1a, to a standing room only crowd, a packed dance floor and a very actively appreciative crowd of fans and bar-goers.

They did this one early at my request, and had only done it twice before this night. I got a sideview, Bass Diva sings lead, and Bill from Flipside adds his vocals towards the end. A bar patron is holding up the lyric sheet for Bass Diva, with zooms on her singing. Lastly I got behind the drummer about 90 seconds before the end of the song for a different perspective to end the night. The lighting was very poor, so forgive the darkness in the footage. 


The band is made up of: 
Eric "Fatdog" Griffen, Lead guitar & vocals 
Michelle "Bass Diva" Howland, Bass guitar & vocals 
Jason "Mr. Smith" Smith, drums 
For more info and booking, visit their facebook page: 

Filmed & uploaded by Gina Jordan, 3-29-13, all rights reserved. Direct permission can be requested and granted to use elsewhere.