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Saturday, March 16, 2013

13 Videos from Live Show Sons of Octomom 3-15-13 Playlist (playlist)

Playlist for all 13 songs filmed at last night's show, the last 2 are still uploading, but here's the playlist of the show. Had a great time and these videos came out great finally :-)

The Sons of Octomom performed their free live show at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY on 3-15-13, from about 8:30p to 12:30a. Free live bands every Friday night between 8-9p at P-House. 

Sons of Octomom features Eric Peter on guitar, Jeff Dunley on Bass and Eric's son Tyler Peter on drums. Covering rockabilly, surfer music, & folk classics, with a few surprises thrown in from classic rock and reggae, this is a group not to be missed. Check out all their music & info fully at

Filmed by Gina Jordan, 3-15-13.