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Saturday, July 14, 2012

S.L. Smith & Metamorphose Jones Band 7-13-12

I always enjoy seeing Steven L. Smith & Metamorphose Jones Band play whenever I get the chance, and July 13, 2012 was no exception. Their line up has changed since the last time I filmed them at P-House, their old bass player is back & they were sounding better and LOUDER than ever. Luckily my camcorder does excellent audio, so no distortion, sometimes I wish it would show just how LOUD the music was. My ears were numb for a couple hours after & I only stayed for the 1st set, but that's what happens when one stands in front of professional PA's, 4 of them no less in this band, filming live music. No other band numbs my ears like these guys do, except maybe the Willie Playmore Band. 

I love the fancy swirling lights these guys use, makes my videos look fancier than usual. I enjoyed my favorite meal of Buffalo Chicken tenders with hand cut skin-on fries, and a couple ice cold Smirnoff Ice's (though Keith assures me they will be getting in my favorite raspberry flavored SI again soon, the plain tastes too much like the yucky Fresca of old), all for under $20 including a generous tip. The bands play every Friday night, free cover, from 8pm-12am or sometimes 9pm-1am. If you are looking for a fun night out in a gorgeous mountain region setting, fantastic food at great prices and cold drinks to cool off the summer heat, the Panther Mountain Inn is your destination place. Right in the heart of Chestertown across from the Carol Theater on Riverside Drive, is the bar parking lot. 

Here's the 11 video playlist below of 11 total, 8 videos from last night's show at P-House, 8pm-1am, plus 3 from the festival at the end of it. I missed out on the last song of the 1st set which was an incredible blues jam piece I regret with chagrin having put my camcorder away too soon. That song still haunts me, wishing I had filmed it as it was one I would have watched again and again and again...I learned to never put my camcorder away when they are still holding their instruments, lol.

Enjoy the show,


PS: Check out the band for more info on their FB page at

The full playlist of all 11 videos including the 3 from the 7-7-12 Festival, starts below with Friday's P-House show first. Just press play to begin.