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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Collette & Playmore Jam Night at P-House 11-21-14

[Photos by Gina Jordan 11-21-14]

Collette & the Mudcats with Willie Playmore Band at P-House 11-21-14

I truly was not planning to go out until I called & found out 2 of my local fave bands were somehow performing together on Friday Nov. 21, 2014, so I had to try & capture some of this jam on video. 

Collette and the Mudcats (without a couple members) along with Willie Playmore Band (without 2 of their guitarists) performed live from 9p to 1a at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY, a playlist of mostly classic rock, some blues and a tiny bit of C&W or southern rock, depending on your tastes.

In the video below, Collette Blessing seems to be channeling Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac in her cover of Gold Dust Woman:

And besides my camcorder, I used my mobile to get this little 30 seconds blues awesome snippet of Curt Cleveland on lead guitar:

I stayed through their second set, hoping to hear Cheap Sunglasses, but they probably played it later. One of my fave songs of the night I for some reason didn't film, All Right Now by Free, which they did a long jam of that was excellent and gave me goosebumps. I hate to start filming in the middle of a song but should have made an exception I guess, kind of regret not doing that now.

There was a guest guitar player and singer during their second set, but I was outside and didn't get any video of him, though he did a really rocking CCR cover and some Tom Petty before handing things back over to Collette.

I always love to be around spontaneous jam sessions, when everyone is unsure of what will be played, who knows what songs, and ANY thing can happen, that kind of creative energy is rare; to be a part of it even rarer. I had went expecting to hear a mix with more blues on the Collette side of things, and more hard rock on the Playmore side, and mixed together something like Led Zeppelin perhaps, lol. Instead it was a classic rock celebration, my fave music genre.

For more info on the bands, see their websites below:

Willie Playmore Band

Collette & the Mudcats

Venue -

Below are some gifs I created during the show:

I really love Willie Playmore Band's LED light system, and the dancing lights on this pole charmed me so much I created a gif of it (the servo spotlights in the top third center of pole):

All materials (video, images, text, etc) above created by Gina Jordan 11-21-14, all rights reserved. Contact for permission to re-use, thanks.