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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Frank Palangi Live at P-House 8-16-13

Frank Palangi performed Friday Aug. 16, 2013 in Chestertown, NY at the Panther Mountain Inn pub, from 8p-12a. Frank is a songwriter and accomplished musician with 3 albums released so far of original songs & recently opened for Alice in Chains & Jane's Addiction at SPAC. Winner of many awards, he is one of the most stunningly talented and hard working artists I've ever known. 

Frank is friendly & enjoys riling up the crowd & satisfying fans wherever he goes. This night there were a few out of town fans who traveled up to see him play live, Joelle Tanner and her mother, pictured below, posing with Frank on one of his performance breaks. Does anyone know an artist who just opened for big name famous bands one week, and posing with fans in rural upstate NY the next? Then he signed just about every CD he sold at the show, including mine of course. 

In his early 20's, he appears as such a young innocent, that when the heavy metal growling kicks in, one wonders how he does it, so slight of frame, and with a big smile on his face, he floors audiences, and wins them over, wherever he goes, including a bar used to a more sedate repertoire of music like country, folk and blues. The younger AND older patrons welcomed him with open arms, appreciating the freshness and energy as well as his sound.

If you get a chance to see him perform, don't miss it! See below for videos, playlist and more!

Frank, Joelle & her mom outside the P-House

For more info and booking, see his websites at:

Follow him on Twitter:

Frank Palangi performs an acoustic song from his new EP, I Am Ready:

The playlist contains all of the videos of Frank performing at P-House, including the previous show, but all the 8-16-13 songs are 1st, followed by the older ones. Check out his brand new songs & CD, starting with Boohoo, below:

One of his official music videos:

Me & Frank outside the P-House

Filmed, photographed & written by Gina Jordan 8-16-13, all rights reserved.