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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*CASTING CALL! Dancers & Actors Needed for Music Videos*

I'm attempting to create or acquire original content for several music video projects, and need people for the following gigs. Ideally a person will create their own videos doing these scenes, or have someone video them, or use a tripod, etc. I doubt many would come to my area for me to film them, but I'd do that too. These are for exposure mainly, will include your credits, websites, channels (youtube/vimeo/etc), whatever you like, and if you put up the gig on will pay you $5 for each of your submission for these projects that I hire you to do. That's how fiverr works :) I'm not a big movie director, this is not going to earn me money, this is for music videos for bands that will be on youtube and promoted out all over. if interested in any or all of these gigs, please let me know and do share this anywhere there might be people interested in doing this. You can also email me at

*Gigs I Need Done*--each can be separate people/gigs or combined by one person:

* Female-Slow sexy dancing, hands behind head for part of it, stroke down body, looking at camcorder entire time with very confident sexy look on face, dark or low light background, ideally in a bar or club, or at least uncluttered background, for 30 seconds or full 4 minute bluesy rock song. For bluesy slow rock song Long Island Iced Tea.

* Female-Bartender mixing a Long Island Iced Tea, doing a slow sexy wiggle while smiling and having fun with it, about 30 seconds or however long it takes to make the drink, ideally an ice cold sweating beaded glass for the drink with close up on the glass, beads of dripping liquid for a few seconds of it. For bluesy slow rock song Long Island Iced Tea.

* Females and Males-Slow sexy dancing while smiling and showing off your tattoos, for a bluesy rock song called Show me Your tattoo. ideally low light or dark bar or club, at very least uncluttered background with low light but still able to see you clearly. Lick lips, caress body, look at camcorder as much as you can, look confident and knowing you are VERY sexy, TEASE is very important also.

* Couples, any genders/races-I need several different gigs along these lines: holding hands, kissing, slow dancing, arguing and making up, soulful looking at one another, romance themes, love, breaking up, getting back together, rejection and attraction, picking someone up in a bar, going on dates, taking walks on the beach, this kind of thing in one minute or longer scenes. For other video projects, music videos mainly.

* Men or women, any ages/races/etc-Dancing of any style from rap to tribal fusion, shuffle to square dancing, couples or individuals or groups. Full songs preferred, about 4 minutes or so, but can be compiled from different shoots/locations you choose, into one video of same length. This would be your chance to have your talent exposed all over the internet and perhaps be seen by people looking to hire dancers for big money projects, with your contact info provided, etc. Music will be replaced, so use whatever music you like :)

(ALL body types & races, the attitude is what's important; sexy clothing of any kind, does NOT have to be swimsuit style or skin exposure, just nothing ridiculous or that will get censored--jeans and t-shirt is fine as long as you look confident and sexy doing the video :)

Please pass this on to whomever might be interested and thanks :)