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Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington County Line Bluegrass LIVE Show 9-22-12

Washington County Line Bluegrass Band performed live at Carol Theater in Chestertown, NY on Sept. 22, 2012. Incredible skills mark this as one of the top bluegrass bands performing today. Since the 6-30-12 show I filmed had all of the same songs except for 4 new ones in this show, I decided to do this as one video of the entire set. See below why it had to be broken up into 4 parts. New to this performance is member Andy Bing playing a beautiful dulcimer during the newer songs, and on some of the old standards. This video also includes the band's introductions and comic banter between songs for the full first set, giving viewers the feel of being there in a front row seat. I highly recommend seeing these guys live the first chance you get, for a foot stomping, head nodding experience you won't soon forget.

For band info & contact, visit their web site at:

Filmed, edited & uploaded by Gina Jordan, AKA ginazoneny & gmj2012. All rights reserved 9-22-12.

Due to youtube limits I have uploaded the full 1st set in 4 parts. Instead of doing separate videos for this show, I filmed the entire set as one video. Unfortunately my 1st upload took 22 hours and was removed by youtube for being too long, so I had to re-edit this into 4 parts and start the upload over again today.