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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rockology 6-29-2012 (playlist)

Playlist of the 5 videos from the show. Rockology perfomed LIVE at P-House on 6-29-2012. The audio is excellent, and the band plays some of the fresher cover songs of any I've heard, an exciting change, and covered some of my favorite songs of all time, classic rock and a couple 80's tunes as well. Dancing started up immediately, the crowd loved Rockology's music as much as I did. Perhaps a future show under better circumstances & more notice to the drummer, will result in much more of their work being heard?

Unfortunately the lighting was incredibly poor & got worse after 3rd song, so I only filmed 5 videos from the show before packing up. 

John Wardle, lead guitarist & back up vocals, was on the left but you can't see much of him as there was no light at all in his corner. Most bands at the P-House set up grouped together, so the lighting is generally more favorable (or they provide their own lighting), but this set up last night was challenging, to say the least, as you can see. Too bad as John played some serious licks on the axe I wish you could have SEEN as well as heard. On The Cure's song I could have sworn he was playing horns on that guitar, wow is all I can say.

Then we have the lead singer bass guitar player Dave Hamell, whose vocals are so uncannily like the originals, check out his Tom Petty especially. Both Dave and John were enthusiastic about being filmed and having materials online of their work finally, since nothing existed of their music on the net until these videos.

Not so the drummer & vocalist, Rhonda Barnes, who was apparently nervous about being filmed and after the 3rd song asked me to stop "standing in front of them" (I move all around & generally am at least 15 feet back & to side). I was so excited to finally see a female drummer in a local band, & had hoped to get some solo close ups, but this was obviously not to be. Still, I did get in close on the song Free, with plenty of cowbell for we lovers of that sound. :)

Rhonda also asked that the lights be turned DOWN (as did one of the people dancing), so the situation went from bad lighting to NO lighting, and filming from a side angle was not going to work for an entire show, so these are the only videos of their work online and from the show.

I hope you enjoy them and if you ever get a chance to see this great band perform, definitely make a night of it.

Gina Jordan AKA ginazoneny & gmj2012 on youtube

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